Cafe Creme Original


Total 100rolls


Total : 5 x 20
Country of Origin: Netherlands
Brand : Café Crème
Style : Cigar 
FLAVOUR : Tobacco


Cafe Creme is the “holy” name among smokers from different countries. Just ask any of them what cigarillo brand comes to their mind and most probably you will hear “Henri Wintermans” as the answer. This Dutch firm has a long and respectful history. Since the beginning of the 20th century the company has been importing only best tobacco from Indonesia, Cuba and Colombia to create its magical blend. Cigarillos or small cigars give you full experience of quality smoking when you don’t have enough time to enjoy a cigar. Variety of flavors and tastes make cigarillos favorite choice for many experienced and new smokers. Cafe Creme is known as the most popular cigarillo in the world. It has different varieties like Cafe Creme Mild, Arome and Filter Arome. If you prefer stronger cigarillos, try darker Corona and Half Corona.

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